Fukuhara, Shinzo

Fukuhara, Shinzo

Born in: Tokio

Nationality: Japonesa

Date of birth: 1883

Date of death: 1948

History: Born in 1883 in Ginza, Tokyo. Aspires to become an artist but follows father Arinobu's (also knows as Yushin) wishes and studies pharmacology.
Upon graduation from a Japanese university, travels to the United States to study pharmacology at Columbia University from 1908.
After graduation, journeys to Europe where he deepens his interests in the arts through friendships with Tsuguharu Fujita, Riichiro Kawashima, and other young Japanese artists. Returns to Tokyo in 1913.
From 1915, Shinzo assumes management responsibilities of the Shiseido Company Limited. In 1921, along with brother Roso Fukuhara, Shinzo establishes Shashin-Geijyutsu-sha and publishes the magazine, Shashin Geijyutsu, in which he writes on 'Light with its Harmony'. In 1922, Shinzo publishes his photograph collection 'Paris et la Seine'.
Serves as first chairman of the Japan Photographic Society, which he collaborated in forming, from 1924. Dies at age of 65 on November 4th 1948.
Shinzo Fukuhara, a pioneer of photographic arts in Japan, published seven photograph collections and over 100 theses on photography in the early 1900's. Shinzo also was patron of all the arts and provided financial support to young and aspiring artists. His aesthetic sense formed the basis of Shiseido design, one of the company's intangible yet most important assets.

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