The perfumers, the creators of perfums, the composers of perfums or noses, summarising the ones that imagine a perfum and thanks to their knowledge they are capable to recreate it, they are pick-up in two diferents ways depending of the procedure of every company. The main feature that would be taken into account in a company when they choose a candidate is a good sense of smell. And this mean to make series of test that are done in this direction.

The chosen candidate becomes a trainee during 6 years, not all of them succeed in reaching the status of becoming a perfumer, and the ones that succeed can escalate from one category to another depending on the success of their creations. In the perfum industry the noses are the ones that are set in the highest positions and their opinion are the most valuable to decide when a scent is acceptable or not. The main requirement to become a nose is to have a very accurate sense of smell.

It is not enough to be able to distinguish the rose’s  or the lampshade’s  smell  with the eyes close, his sense of smell should be so accurate in order to detect a blend of 100 ingredients or more and the precise quantities of each substance that compose the formula. He should recognize not only the row material but also be capable to blend them in harmonious ways. Also to recognise them when the origin of the labdanum is from Greece or Corsica, when the oil of Ylang-ylang comes from Manila or Madagascar and to make the difference between the smell of a cultivate plant depending on wish countries they come from to succeed in getting a particular result.