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The perfums diversity: (Today)

Today, the fragrances that surround us, the perfums that we found in the perfum shops are the result of a very difficult creatif process.  The name of the perfum, the shape of the botlle, the colours that surround itself , the peoples that appears in the advertissement, the music that goes with it . Evrything respons to the idea  to make us love the perfum.

Evry detail involves many  decisions to be taken by  the professional teams, and with a bit of luck they will reach success  for their product. Althought  the success is not easy to be reach, and it´s the  exclusive privilege for the most excepcionals scents. Often, some perfums took years in being create and they end up getting nowhere, they will remain anonymous, they will ever go beyong. In a world where the quality has  set very high standards, the success  of a perfum that gets to  the market will depend of its  capacity of seduction,  when the perfum identify  itself with others ideals, values and aspirations. The industry of perfum, thanks to its hard work, gives us the best options thanks to all his best tries and the communication resources although the decision of what will happen to every perfum is ours. We are the ones that make a perfum to remain in the posterity.