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Of all the senses, the sense of smell is the first to set the brain working, the one that has the greatest power to suggest and to spur the imagination.

It acts above all on the subconscious and is directly connected to memories.
A perfume is a creation, a substance capable of arousing new emotions in someone who smells it for the first time and of recalling personal experiences
in someone who has smelt it before, because perfumes contain messages and stimuli whose effect on our daily behaviour is subtle, but also farreaching
and intimate. A fragrance can improve one's concentration, predispose one to adventure—and even cure slight ailments.

The work of perfumers, traditionally known as “noses”, consists in creating delicate perfumes capable of arousing the most subtle emotions and those
that are hidden in the subconscious. The Museum offers its visitors the possibility of becoming real “noses” for a while, by smelling the most varied
essences, finding out their origin and discovering the elements of which they are composed.