Year: 1889

Orientation: woman

Perfum creation year: 1889

Perfume creator: GUERLAIN, Parfums

Composition: Perfum

Presentation: Perfum antic

Nose: Guerlain, Aimé

Olfactory family: Oriental-Vainilla

Olfactive triangle

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In 1889, Aimé Guerlain, the son of the House founder Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, created his first masterpiece, Jicky. A perfume so complex and so modern that it would be classified straightaway as “the first modern perfume”. It was the first composition specifically designated by the term “perfume”, and it was also perfumery’s first unisex fragrance.
Why the name Jicky? From his time studying in England, Aimé Guerlain kept the enamored memory of a young woman he called Jicky. By pure coincidence, the diminutive of Jacques was also Jicky.

History of the bottle

Designed by Gabriel Guerlain and manufactured by Baccarat, the Jicky bottle combined the romanticism of the Belle Epoque (its top resembles a champagne bottle) with the rigour of the industrialised world (its body looks like a pharmaceutical vial). Over the years, this design served for many Guerlain fragrances.

History of the fragance

Jicky is a magical perfume that combines flamboyant top notes with warm, delicate base notes. It created a new olfactory family, fougère, and ushered in a new era in the manufacture of perfume by introducing a few synthetic ingredients.

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